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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Glen and his alter egos wish to express deep sorrow at the passing of Pope John Paul II. After hours of enduring the illnesses inside his residence at the Vatican, the Pope has finally returned to the Lord a few moments before this article is written. Despite the sufferings throughout his lifetime, he has shown many of his extraordinary qualities to the world, something that no predecessors have done before. He is indeed a symbol of humanity, a true champion of peace and of course, the most beloved family member this Old World has ever had... and seen. We all will be going to miss him for a very long time but we must not forget the incredible contributions and the very legacy the Pope provides for the last 26 years. May the Pope rest in peace. Amen.  Posted by Hello


Blogger Clublint said...

I am not a religious person but he will be sadly missed.

It's a shame that so much time was wasted with dealing with pedophilic priests as I think he could have done so much more.

RIP Pope John Paull II

7:53 AM

Blogger sapere aude said...

Bless your heart glen. I truly loved this man. He visited Guam in 1981 and my family and I attended the event, including the Mass that he presided over. A wonderful, holy, loving, man, John Paul II's legacy will live forever in the church and the world.

5:28 AM


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