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Friday, April 29, 2005

Glen The Reviewer is back! Look at the article below for more on his latest wave of movie/TV reviews! Posted by Hello

Dear Fellow Readers!

Glen The Reviewer has updated his reviews on IMDB at these links:

Star Wars: Clone Wars

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

My Life As A Teenage Robot

Johnny Bravo

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Gundam Seed

To rate them, just simply log on to your own IMDB account, click on ‘# comments in total’, simply seek for my said review and click ‘yes’ or ‘no’! Hope you enjoy reading them all!

- Glen!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

SEE JEDI MASTER JENNY DO HER JEDI TRICKS! - See Master Jenny in full action! Curious? In the TR rendition of Revenge of the Sith, she's facing a final showdown with an all too similar enemy! Check it out on http://www.teenageroblog.blogspot.com now! May the Force be with you! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

ANNUNTIO VOBIS GAUDIUM MAGNUM! HEBEMUS PAPAM! - Christians from all over the world, rejoice! The Vatican is pleased to announce that the world now has a new pope! Glen and his alter egos wish to congratulate former cardinal Joseph Ratzinger for becoming the 265th successor to Saint Peter! We all wish him the very best wishes in many years to come! Welcome to the era of Pope Benedict XVI! Posted by Hello

That's gonna take forever, man... Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

THE HUNT FOR THE JEDI KNIGHTS IS COMING! - Feeling hungry? Wanna eat some Jedi steak? Then look no further because The Revenge of the Sith, the final installment of the prequel trilogy will storm the cinemas next month! But while waiting for the extermination date, why not check out the catalog in the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. I and II (the first has been released on DVD in some territories) and even the original trilogy DVD before you could say 'I've a bad feeling about this!' And better embrace yourselves when the time comes because the Battle of Coruscant awaits you! Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Here is one of the shots we took during the secret Oscar event in which the Oscar heavyweights of 2005 fight for the prestigious trophy when this dude (pictured here who turns out to be Glen, Mister Manager) halts the whole thing to say a word or two! (Scroll down for the next shot!) Posted by Hello

Yep! That's what really happened, fellow readers! If you are wondering why it happened so, scroll down for the commentaries by no other than Glen the Interviewer! Posted by Hello

Dear fellow readers,

Glen and his alter egos wish to apologize for not delivering the special Oscar article during the official Oscar event some time ago due to unforeseeable circumstances. Anyway, Glen the Interviewer has compiled every words he's seen with his own eyes and is ready to present you his very commentaries of the eclusive 77th Academy Awards (Best Fighter Category!) Let the drums roll!

Here is an excerpt from the recent events of the elusive 77th Academy Awards (Best Fighter) in a undisclosed location on the first week of March. All of the commentaries are done by reporter Glen The Interviewer who went there all by himself and witnessed the grand fight between the Oscar heavyweights.

'Here we are at a secret studio where Oscar heavyweights such as Ray, Finding Neverland, The Aviator, Million Dollar Baby and Sideways will determine their destiny to win the prestigious Oscar for Best Fighter. The chosen audience (randomly picked via e-mail and handphone messaging or SMS) cheer at their favorite fighters like wild chimpanzees (literally) as each of them make their outstanding poses on the giant ring! Good thing they even bring posters, signboards and flashing green neon lights to give as much support as they can. However, I am told that all of the audience who attend the fight are advised not to tell anything to the common public such as its location, the Oscar that Glen and his alter egos stole from the Academy, etc. Why Glen wishes to tell these in his own blog, well, beats me! But since a few realize of his blog's existence, that won't be a problem!'

'The crowds gradually get wilder and more impatient as the five fighters stood on the sides of the ring, taking additional time to show their awesome poses! Ray glitters with both his trademark glasses and teeth while the Sideways couple maneuver their bottle as if they try to showcase a variety of stylish movements to the viewers! (How they get inside this massive green bottle is beyond my comprehension). The odd male couples have complaint all the way down to the alley about the stinking smell and the month-long irritation around their body parts. Space and even lovesick for their beloved wives are the main reasons for their paranoia. If they were to win an Oscar, what would they do with it? "I think I know how to break free from that f***ing bottle and that is to break it with the statue!" one of the couple says a few moments before entering the ring. Ray Charles (who turns out to be Jamie Foxx), after winning an Oscar for Best Actor, says that he’s never felt happier than everything has in his whole life. "If the real Ray Charles were still alive today, he would be extremely proud of me. I have really made him proud (in the last Oscar event) and this time, I will make him prouder in this next fight, as a legendary musician fighter!" Hilary Swank, as usual, does her boxing poses, endlessly impressing her biggest fans including coach Clint Eastwood (according to him, Mr. Eastwood has become so enchanted with the inspiring speeches she uttered in every film festival that he simply wants to hear MORE of that in the event, if she wins the entire game). Perhaps, she is likely to win an Oscar for Best Fighter as she has won it for the second time as well as other acclaims for her role as a a**-kicking babe. How does Mrs. Swank feel about that? According to her, she really enjoys many great successes since she inherits such a fearsome role last year, hoping soon that she will become a REAL BOXER one day! Additionally, she never stops thanking Mr. Eastwood (obviously) for everything single da*n thing about kicking someone's butt with a good reason, of course! Whether she can beat the odds this time or not, only heavens know! Martin Scorsese, coach for The Aviator, is once again disappointed with the recent loss at the (real) Oscar event, losing all of his bets to Mr. Eastwood. In fact, he has been nominated several times for Best Director in his entire career. The unfortunate director, however, stated that he has never won a single statue despite his exceptional skills at producing some of the greatest movies in film history such as Raging Bull, Taxi, Goodfellas, etc. He, however, never tends to give up trying as he knows he has finally conceived a secret weapon. "So near yet so far. But with Leo DiCaprio in my hands, I know I will eventually reach for the golden stars! Oscar, here I go!" Leo, star of the fallen Titanic and the Gangster of Old New York, has even striven to kick everyone’s butts with his stylized plane as Howard Hughes, master of all that flies faster than a speeding bullet! And here he comes! Hughes' Aviator zooms across the ring in unbelievable speed, leaving the rest of his audience dazzled! Wait a minute! The chanting of the audience has begun to fade quickly! What is happening out there? Oh wait, everyone is looking at a man in his 1800s outfit. How dated. Why can’t he find a far more fashionable suit than that? Simply, Sir Barrie is a very simple man. But with great imaginations! I am told that he can visualize his creations as his own fighters, and that makes for a perfect teamwork! Clever idea, Sir Barrie! However, I can only see a few chanting for their classic icon of literature. I guess these are done by those who have loved Peter Pan for so long they never actually quit thinking about all of the adventures in Neverland. It is quite sad that no many people have read or heard of Peter Pan these days. But just imagine Sir Barrie as a ferocious fighter, despite his passiveness and naivete. That way, he can actually attract younger generations by reinventing the concept of Neverland! (Oh wait, that reminds me of the new Peter Pan movie, which actually stinks) Anyway, that's showbiz, folks.'

'Oh wait, the bell's ringing at this instant, signaling the first bout! Cool, I can't wait to see what these fighters have in their sleeves! Right now, our referee is entering the ring, making sure that everything is running smoothly. The fighters have all the necessary skills they need. Now, their final destinies await them. And here they go!'

'The Sideways couple rolls their bottle down the ground to squash their closest opponent, the Million Dollar Babe. However, she is able to counter the attack by simply punching it! The bottle ricochets in the sky and hits the Aviator instead! Ohhh, that really hurts a lot! However, the Aviator doesn't have a single scratch on its surface! Made of strong materials, the plane continues to fly, rocketing into its target Ray. Ray may be not able to see what's going on out there but his hearing is acute. He's showing his shiny teeth to stunt Howard who is piloting the Aviator! Only then will he be able to play the piano like some mad musician who knows how to irritate an audience like Howard! The plane's engine goes haywire due to the strong vibration from the loud piano sound. Mayday! Mayday! It is going down! Don't worry fellow viewers! Mr. Hughes has the ability to fix the engine within a few seconds and the Aviator's rising like the phoenix! Meanwhile, Sir Barrie is still standing on one side of the ring and none of his boys is yet to be seen. Looks like he is having a big problem bringing his illusions into the realm of reality. He could have done that before the fight begins. According to Sir Barrie, however, focusing on a particular thing during intense situations proves to be very difficult and mind cracking! Whoah, talk about mind blowing stuff!'

'The crowds continue to cheer endlessly as superboxing babe packs mighty punches to the Sideways bottle! They would love to let her crack the bottle but without it, the Oscar would not be theirs! And so, one of the couple whispers to the nearby contender Ray. A form of bribery will definitely help them to escape from the Babe's fatal punches! Ray seems to be delighted with an idea to have a Champaign by taking the couple's bottle and hitting her on the head. And so he does! Oww, the Million Dollar Babe is not very pleased with Ray's action therefore she taunts him to the ground with her mighty glove! Finally, Sir Barrie has finally brought the bad boys of Neverland back to life! Wow! Look at the speed of these little fellows as they fly across the stadium! With a few passes around the ring, the four contenders are stunted; the boxing babe falls flat on her face, the Aviator suddenly loses control (some kid puts a hole on the fuel tank), the Sideways couple are being kicked off like a football and Ray is upset with one of the Neverland boy's inability to play piano. Mr. Hughes uses his old-fashioned camera to record the whole situation while summoning massive hoards of warplanes! That calls for a dogfight! (Literally, wild dogs suddenly appear from nowhere, joining the fun!) As a result, total chaos ensures!'

'Hey! What is that kid doing in the middle of the ring? Hey, hey! Who allows him to join the fight? Get him out of here! That guy is not even an Oscar fighter, dude! Oh, wait a minute! He is stretching his hands and is about to say something that may change the world forever...'


'Whoah! Everyone in this stadium, including the Oscar fighters, suddenly comes to a halt. Surely, this kid has some kind of a magic spell to attract their attention. Let's take a closer look at the kid and oh my gosh! Could this little guy be Glen, the one who manages the whole fight?'

"Ladies and gentlemen! I decide to interrupt this program to tell you one thing! I know how much you love those stuff that come tumbling down to face a horrific conflict between the ones you have loved for some time since their initial releases. However, the clashes between two or more perfectly good movies are equivalent to choosing the one and only movie that deserves to be the REAL winner! For me, you Oscar heavyweights are the real WINNERS! Yes, you are all the real champions of the 77th Annual Academy Awards and this is already quite enough for me!"

'The whole crowds are whispering to each other, signifying the fact that they are already confused with Glen’s courageous speech. Even our favorite heavyweights are befuddled with this rather unexpected last-minute situation. Oh boy.'

"Listen, everyone! These movies, not fighters, are created not only to entertain you all but also conveying the very messages that are derived from their themes. They enlighten our hearts, minds and souls as well as to give us another chance to make ourselves a better person. We also should be thankful to these truly dedicated directors and the rest of these incredible crews for creating such stories of credible believability and inspiring characters! Whoever turns them into money-eating machines is a monster to the film industry! I know we all need money to make movies but investing too much credit into our trousers is an awful excuse! I recommend you to leave this place and never to manipulate the true ultimate power of filmmaking!"

'What? What the heck is he talking about? He tells us to abandon the stadium? No! This can't be! Unbelievable! And hey, even the crowds boo at him for making such outrageous about the current film industry! Yeah, to hell with Glen, that is! Ha ha! And just look at the faces of the fighters! They seem to be impatient with his mind-boggling speech as well! And off they go to finish the bout of all bouts!'

'Oh! The situation is so tense that even we can’t see what is happening right now! Everything's filled with dust, I say! Oh, what may happen to them all next!'

(A few minutes later)

'Pheew! Now that's what I call a real fight! Now that the dust is gradually subsiding, we can expect the sole winner very soon and what? What the heck… Oh, gosh, I believe what I am looking at, ladies and gentlemen! It turns out that Glen is the only survivor in the ring who actually squeezes out of the predicament without a single scratch! The rest of the heavyweights, however, seem to have their butts kicked out single-handedly by Glen himself! Way to go, Mr. Manager!'

'Hilary Swank ends up having blue-blacks around her body, the Aviator's down, the Sideways duo have finally got out of the darn bottle (with dreadful consequences! Ouch!), Ray Charles passes away and Sir Barrie and his bad boys of Neverland are out of business.'

'It is obvious that the Oscar eventually goes to Glen! Congratulations, superboy! You really deserve the Oscar!' (For his victory pose, look at the screenshot below!)

- Glen The Interviewer

YOU DA MAN, GLEN!!! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 11, 2005

LET THE ROYAL WEDDING BEGIN! - No, I don't mean the marriage between Prince Charles and Camilla! It's Jenny and Brad from the hit Nick Toon series! The responses are incredible: there are some who don't think that Jenny should fall in love with the handsome lad, the same goes to the real-life royal couple! Check out my fourth fan art at http://www.teenageroblog.blogspot.com right now!  Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Anyway, Glen and his alter egos wish to congratulate his Royal Highness Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (now the Duchess of Cornwall) for their recent marriage yesterday. Wish them all the best throughout the coming years! Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005


Asian Star Wars fans rejoice! Cartoon Network will unleash the Force this month with Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. II, which will premiere on April 18! (For American viewers, though, I bet you may have seen them around last month via cable or starwars.com, but I just mention it in case you are just wondering.) Based on the popular six-part saga by George Lucas, this show focuses entirely on the events of the Clone Wars (full-scale battles between the mechanized Separatists and the Army of the Republic), chronicling the adventures of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Mace Windu and the rest of the characters from the first two prequel films (fortunately, Jar Jar Binks is not one of them!).

Directed by renowned animator Genndy Tartakovsky, Star Wars: Clone Wars shares the same qualities and style of Samurai Jack (only slightly faster and better) while maintaining the very essence and spirit of the Star Wars mythology. If you miss the first season of Clone Wars, you will be able to watch them all over again, starting tomorrow and 17 April (check your local listings), the later being one day before the premiere of Volume II (18-23 April). Be sure to watch them all before the revenge begins on 19 May! (C)Cartoon Network & Lucasfilm.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


These two pictures below are taken by my mum and some of her family members during a special mass in the Vatican two years ago when the Pope was still very much alive. Although I didn't have the chance to join their trip to Europe (I was still studying in the university at that time, unfortunately) and experience a rare sensation with the Pope, these two pictures have proven that despite his recent death, he seems to be very much 'alive'... within the memories that will live on forever.  Posted by Hello

Ciao, our dearest Father. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Glen and his alter egos wish to express deep sorrow at the passing of Pope John Paul II. After hours of enduring the illnesses inside his residence at the Vatican, the Pope has finally returned to the Lord a few moments before this article is written. Despite the sufferings throughout his lifetime, he has shown many of his extraordinary qualities to the world, something that no predecessors have done before. He is indeed a symbol of humanity, a true champion of peace and of course, the most beloved family member this Old World has ever had... and seen. We all will be going to miss him for a very long time but we must not forget the incredible contributions and the very legacy the Pope provides for the last 26 years. May the Pope rest in peace. Amen.  Posted by Hello