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Sunday, March 06, 2005


*Readers who miss out the first part can read this month's previous post right down here! Just keep looking for the same title!*

By the time I reached there, the very first thing I saw was a giant tall tree standing mightily among the blooming flowers. I tried to reach it with my own hands but the blue fences barred me from doing so. "Touch me! Touch me!" I heard these little words uttered from the little flowers. I wonder what they meant by that. "If you touch my children, they will forever love you. Cherish them and they will cherish you back," said the giant tree which almost succeeded in alluring me to her own dreamworld...

"Better not touch them, boy! Somebody tried to warn me from behind. If you do, there is no turning back. Their scent, appearance and lust will forever manifest your mind. You will waste your time thinking about them without doing anything else at all!" I steered away from the fences the moment she mentioned it. I turned my head around, looking at an old lady who seemed to be holding a flower. If my memory served me correctly, she was in her mid-60s, wearing a dark red outfit and a primitive black glass.  Posted by Hello


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