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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Man, was this tour an enjoyable ride! However, there were even irritating things that the flower lady would do, especially when she wanted to smell the flower that she spotted nearby.

Truthfully, that was her obsession. By the time we toured the entire garden, the flower lady told me of a secret plant that bloomed more than a thousand pink flowers. "It is true that this 1000-year-old plant has the ability to grant you one special wish. Just pick one of them and think of one of your desires. Be warned though that picking more than one flower will bring a terrible curse to you and even your entire dream you have struggled to build. Choose your path wisely. Only the ones with the heart of the child can go there. Don't you, my dear boy?" I just kept my mouth shut tight but the flower lady knew more than just my mere appearance. Posted by Hello


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