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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


When we think of something we want to create, we need to acquire some inspirations from everything we have seen and admired. Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Samurai Jack, gets his inspirations for his hit cartoon series from Conan the Barbarian while George Lucas, renown director of Star Wars, acquires most of the movies' ideas from his most beloved childhood TV series, Flash Gordon. For me, there have so many things that I have loved and admired (especially the ones that really open my mind for showcasing their unique features and ultimately capture my heart at the end) and yet, in this blog, I have something that you have never seen before: a four-page comic strip from a once popular magazine, Gila-Gila (it literally means Mad, a Malaysian equivalent to the insanely popular US magazine of the same name). The Hunchback of Tanjung Puteri, as translated from its Malay title, is drawn and written by professional cartoonist Asan who also has created two of Gila-Gila's beloved characters, Jaki Jipang and Pendekar Jaki (Jaki the Fighter). As you can see the four panels below, Tanjung Puteri depends more on a dramatic point of view (which is similar to Samurai Jack, of course). One of the elements that intrigues me most is its bold outlines that signifies the crudeness and the personalities of these characters. Due to the fact that Tanjung Puteri is divided into several parts (similar to Justice League in which you have to wait for another day or month to check out the actual outcome), I am unable to finish the whole series. However, the only thing I know about this comic strip is that it is going to have a tragic ending, so sad that you will easily be convinced after reading it all the way. Since it is all written in Malay (it is going to take a while to translate everything), I will explain what each of these panels is trying to say.

In this panel, a friend of the Hunchback is killed by a bunch of British officers (this takes place in Singapore). The Hunchback cries back as he witnesses the killing. Trying not to be shot down, he disappears into the sky as the officers wonder where their next target has gone. Later, the Hunchback reappears, hitting the poor English hotel owner (the one with his excessive English) in his face. Eventually, the Brit dies instantly. (Scroll down for the second panel) Posted by Hello


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