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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

...and eventually does his silat (a Malay fighting stance, just like kungfu) move. The two are taunted; one of them has his ear being pulled by the Hunchback while he cries out, "Please, listen to me..." Unfortunately, he just dies off while muttering funny words like, "I have told him to listen to me but he is still willing to kill me! I hate it when he does that every time!" The final member is now completely alone, running for his fragile life. However, the Hunchback ends it all. Standing mightily in front of his comrade, he swears that he will avenge his friend's death by killing the perpetrator, Megat Imran. He too regrets that he doesn't kill Imran when they were both in Tanjung Puteri. Knowing that Imran may be still inside one of the buildings, he urges him to step out and fight like a man. TO BE CONTINUED...

Unfortunately, I don't have the rest of the episodes in my hands but one of the best reasons of showing this is to understand more of this truly unique Malaysian comic, which in fact has a decent story, dramatic characters and some truly dark qualities. It's a pity that everything here has been replaced with anime (even Americans have embraced it, something that not even legendary animator Gene Deitch knows!); typical RPG characters with big eyes and over the top humor elements. It is not really that I hate anime. It is just that I highly suggest everyone to figure out their own identities such as Hayao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, Otomo and more. Here in Malaysia, we have our own identity and culture (even with some minor influences from foreign stuff, that is quite OK), something that should not be abandoned. That is why I am willing to continue embracing these things even if nobody is interested in reading these kinds of comic strips anymore. Next time, I am going to show you another comic strip, done by a legendary Malaysian cartoonist (aside from Lat). So stay tune! Posted by Hello


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