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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Recently, some guys are instructed by my dad to cut down the trees on both sides of our house. It is this very day that saddens me so much that even the inner child spirit within me fears that our lives won't be the same as before. Cutting down these childhood trees is like killing off what we have been embraced or cared for after several years of spreading joy throughout our house. That's why I dedicate this poem to our beloved star trees which have been shining both day and night before this very fateful day featuring pictures that I took in the Peninsular to emphasize its strongest points yet.

Rest In Peace, Beloved Childhood Trees.

- Glen!


Blogger Lumbergh-in-training said...

O, yeah, I still remember fondly the trees that were in front of my house when I was a kid. We used to swing from the branches all the time like little monkeys. Sadly they were chopped down to make way for new buildings. Your post brings back old memories.

9:25 PM

Blogger Fidget said...

we had a huge tree behind our apartment. I could climb it and wave at my mom in the livingroom. I miss that old tree!

6:03 AM

Blogger Glen Bosiwang said...

Oh yes, trees are truly a part of our cherished memories... I still remember my good old star fruit tree when it still stood mightily amongst the smaller ones, with strange eerie branches to signify its bizarre characteristic (which was still a big mystery to me) as well as its canopy-like shelter to block any sunlight. It was very beautiful indeed. Yet, it is now all gone from me...

- Glen!

6:27 AM

Blogger desiderata said...

Glen: it's nostalgic for me too, fellow poet (?), and I think Bee Gees First of May has resonance; remember: When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall...?

We only hope our politicians remember their childhood with some conscience, and for their children and grandchildren's sake.

To Glen and others like-minded youths: Meet the challenge and keep the faith!

5:32 AM


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