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Saturday, February 26, 2005


For The Adults Who Still Had A Heart Of A Child, This Is A Story For You...

'I used to recall a beautiful dream when I was a young child; something that only those who understood their childish nature could decipher. Well, I don't think 'decipher' is a good term for such a simple story. Perhaps, the word 'embrace' is just perfect since I have been doing this for a long time, everytime, everywhere. The best moments came when you slept on a soft bed while the moon shone over the surfaces of the exposed, contrasting them with pure darkness. Sooner or later, you will find yourself standing in front of a lake inside a small garden house. It's almost midnight and yet, you could still see its surroundings. You felt as though you were still a child, thinking that everything around your body was arbitrary. Not many came there since many had succumbed to lunacy and destruction for the sake of greed. Only adults had the power to do that. But they won't have a chance to see such a delightful sight. Only the ones with the heart of a child could go there.' Posted by Hello

'Then the moon went down the horizon, making way for the mighty Sun. There, a ray of light was placed over an odd couple on the bench who seemed to be sharing a personable trait. The husband, who was now sometime in his 60s, embracing his beloved wife who herself had no where to turn but him. I had always known that love is a much splendor thing; an unseen force that came naturally inside us. In reality, they might not be expressing much of their love to each other. Only in dreams could they actually understand the real power of passion and eternal love.'
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'And so, as I witnessed the couple for the last time, I continued to journey towards the upper platform of Slumberland. The stairs were twisted and steep but I carefully navigate my way through the weirdness of its natural, unrefined environment. The road up there was cold and shivering but I refused to let myself up as the Sun awaited for my arrival up there...'

Next Article: What Was Above The Garden Lake...

- Glen The Dream Maker
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Thursday, February 24, 2005


This incident happened just recently this evening when Glen and his mum took a walk along the pavement in the good ol' town of Tuaran. While looking up at the stars and the bright white moon (which is undeniably beautiful), he sensed something weird along the path he took: the black object seemed to be sliding like a... er... snake! I really have to remind you readers that Glen and his alter egos do not make up this story! What has happened at that time is true; something that only Glen can clarify because he's almost stepped on that darn snake! A very large snake! A very shiny, black snake indeed!

Whilst it was almost like a horrible accident (Mum almost had a heart attack! Not really but almost!), Glen later declared it a truly rare blessing! Nobody has expected to walk into the trap... and ultimately evade over it! That also actually changed his life forever, he says! Why, you ask? Well, he has something to tell you all (via The Boy In The Stick Hat), "Exercise is a truly DANGEROUS ACTIVITY! Especially when you do that at night when some venomous creatures hunt out for their preys! Even if that includes you!" The Poet Who Cares, on the other hand, says, "However, if you evade that, you will feel glad that you are still alive! The same feeling that Glen felt at that time too! Now that's what you call 'LUCK'!"

- Glinny The Bird!
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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Recently, some guys are instructed by my dad to cut down the trees on both sides of our house. It is this very day that saddens me so much that even the inner child spirit within me fears that our lives won't be the same as before. Cutting down these childhood trees is like killing off what we have been embraced or cared for after several years of spreading joy throughout our house. That's why I dedicate this poem to our beloved star trees which have been shining both day and night before this very fateful day featuring pictures that I took in the Peninsular to emphasize its strongest points yet.

Rest In Peace, Beloved Childhood Trees.

- Glen!

When the Earth was still young
And the air still fresh and unspoilt,
The God of Trees rose from the Garden of Eden,
Opening Its Great Eye to foresee the Whole World. Posted by Hello

The God of Trees spread its wings wide open,
Flashes of rays coming out from its branches.
Sowing the Seeds that were its children,
Blossoming from the Ashes of Creation. Posted by Hello

For the last 3000 years,
The Earth is a blue home of all living creatures,
Sheltering them from all that seeks to destroy and replace.
The flowers gave them the ability to love;
Their leaves the ability to adapt into different environments;
And their roots the pure wisdom to understand their inner consciousness.
All led to the creation of Mankind. Posted by Hello

Their hearts, unstained and pure, told them to praise and worship the trees
For they had provided the necessities to nourish their 'harvest'.
The two tribes lived peacefully ever since the beginnings,
Little did they know that the bridge would collapse for eternity. Posted by Hello

Realizing that knowledge gradually shaped their minds,
And intelligence tended to corrupt their dignities,
The God of Trees and its children suffered dearly from
Mankind's arrogance, greed and malice.
Since then, they build contraptions to convert trees into mechanical needs.
The souls of the trees passed on into the skies,
Pouring tears to signify their sorrow upon Mankind.

From a tiny raindrop came the great flood,
Devouring and drowning all to cleanse off their sinful acts.
Some had turned over a new leaf
While others rebel to overcome their God's power.
If there were one thing that Mankind would ever embrace to become Kings,
Science was the solution to end God's reign over the World. Posted by Hello

The two tribes fought for endless generations
But the trees showed signs of weariness.
Clashed with sharp claws, gritting teeth and rusty chains,
The God of Trees, despite its thick body, suffered great blows,
Bleeding endlessly as it continued to crush the humans down.
But it all ended in vain. Posted by Hello

The trees ceased their relationship with the cruel intellects,
As the fate of Mankind no longer relied on superstitions.
Now they depended on logics to determine their destiny
But the God forever placed a curse upon them to realize their mistakes;
Soon, the Age of Machines would come to an end, and so would Mankind.

Bestowing its blessings to them before shedding everything it held,
Dying and rotting through the breath of industry.
Its children mourned for the death of their Mother
Not knowing what to do or where to begin.
Only time would show them the way out of sorrowful moments. Posted by Hello

The Whole World gradually got hotter,
The humans beginning to lose their contacts with nature,
Worshipping a new man made god known as 'Money'.
Money that either gave or took the lives of a thousand humans.
Ironically, Money came from trees that no longer thought nor lived like their ancestors;
All had been poisoned by air pollution.  Posted by Hello

But there were a few who knew better than any industrialist;
Men and women who actually believed in sacred relationships
Between the trees and their own.
That's why this story ended with a small magical tree
In a lonely town that was believed to be the last descendant
Of the God of Trees that flourished many years ago.


- Glen The Poet Who Cares

*Pictures Photographed & Modified by Glen Bosiwang  Posted by Hello

Monday, February 14, 2005

For A Lonesome Man, Love Is Just Another Fragile Memory... Posted by Hello


The Glenmeister Is Back!

Yes! Finally after more than a week of complete depression and heatness in the Peninsular (going to the hills again was a total disaster, enduring rounds and ROUNDS of twisted roads while being CONSTRUCTED! Boy, I don't think it's a good time to go for a vacation in a place like that for the moment!), the Glenmeister has returned to Sabah for his latest plans to RULE THE WORLD! This time, he's gotten a pail of surprises but only if you are willing to wait patiently for the next post after this beep!


- Glen!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

As seen on the Teenage Roblog! Just go to its website and check out what the readers have said about this artwork! ; Posted by Hello

Jenny Soars!

Well, I'm basically now in Seremban, somewhere on the west side of Malaysia with my pop's family to celebrate Chinese New Year soon! In fact, I have good news to you (specially to myself) that my fan art can be now seen in the Teenage Roblog, an official blog for fans of this awesome cartoon!

Just log on to http://www.teenageroblog.blogspot.com and look for FAN ART SOARS! It's definitely worth an effort and I'm really proud of it! Thanks, Roblog!

- Glen!