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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


That's true! I just receive a letter from my mum after several weeks of waiting. I was a bit furious at first when mum said the letter she held was a summon from Multimedia University in Cyberjaya for not doing any decent work or something. Once I opened the dang envelope and read the whole content, I actually jumped in joy when I received the prestigious Bachelor Degree in Film and Animation! (The rest of Glen's alter egos wish to congratulate him for that!) Finally, after a false alarm last year for missing the only co-curicullum subject (in this case, I took acting), I had wasted a whole year waiting for special moments in a convocation this year! Drats! If I knew that matter better but anyway, I finally got what I wish for!

However, mum isn't too glad with my rank of second class (lower division) instead of first class but that doesn't matter anyway!

That's my special bulletin for today! Yahoo!

- Glen


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