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Saturday, January 22, 2005


Yesterday, my whole family was going to one place that is actually more isolated than Kundasang (I've mentioned this on my previous posts), Tambunan! Wha... that was one long way from here. I mean, I've been there before and the place's like a ghost town. And do you want to know what my family was up to? Well, they had teamed up with our relatives just for one purpose. And what is it you ask? Invading the whole state? Nope! Turning the hometown into robot-manufacturing factories? Uh uh. We aren't rich, you know. But there was one thing they could afford, something more horrifying than anything you have read from my posts before. So, embrace yourselves and face the horrible fact of reality.......


Yes! Golf! It was the only thing they would do when they got up early in the morning! I had no idea why they were obsessed with golf! Golf, golf everywhere! In fact, they could play golf in the nearby resort or somewhere in the heart of the city. But why in such far places. Only heaven knew!

- Glen The Boy In The Stick Hat

NEXT UP: The shocking conclusion to Glen’s final day in Kundasang. As he and his families were preparing for a voyage home, something struck the pitiful town of Kundasang! What would happen to our heroic icon as he faced such awful situation? Stay tuned to find out!


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