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Saturday, January 08, 2005

SPECIAL BULLETIN: Glen's soon to be a cartoonist!

Midget #1
That's right guys: Glen himself recently went to the Sabah Art Gallery to see a comic exhibition and also at the same time, meeting a person who turned out to be one of the 18 cartoonist who registered to become members of PAKARTUN (Kinablu Cartoonist Association).

Midget #2
Glen has some great time chatting with the great cartoonist, admitting that some of the members' drawings were ok, some really horrible and the rest downright unreadable!

Anyway, we would inform you if Glen's gonna be part of the association so stay tuned!

- Glen The Little Midgets That Come In Three

P.S. from The Poet Who Cares: I've written article for my experience in Kundasang. Unfortunately, Glen's dad has changed the PC hardware so it remains stuck there. Looks like I have to rewrite the whole article again. The Boy In The Stick Hat sure is gonna hate me for this!


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