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Monday, January 31, 2005

Sometimes, True Dreams Hurt! This month’s poem: GOLF

Every single ordinary day, people tend to do simple, insignificant actions that we all tend to do (e.g. touching grasses, using computer, playing badminton, cooking, etc.). And yet, many people still haven’t figured out their extended purposes, their undefined explanations and their endless possibilities to make them famous. It may sound strange enough but the fact behind the curtains is there: what we do little at first becomes an obsession, obsession turns us into millionaires and later betrays us, thus luring us into web of tragedy; endless possibilities to give up living and never to return to the real world again.

If you don’t believe what I’m trying to say here, just listen to my poem and I hope you will think carefully before doing what you are supposed to do at home. I’ve experienced everything I’ve seen, felt and touched. It’s not a pretty world after all.

This is a story of a golf player who isn’t supposed to be a golf player later in life. Yet, his destiny chooses him to be one. Why, you ask? That’s because golf, for obsessed fans, is an enjoyable game. Addictive. Seductive. And dangerous. Indeed. When you see an opportunity, try to steer away from it. Either way, you will suffer in an alternative pathline unless you decide not to do anything at all!

-The Golf Player-

There’s always be a tale of old,
And that happens to be a small kid
Who lives in a small but peaceful house;
Whose parents have spent quality time
Working, kissing, cooking, cleaning, you name it.

But the kid has nothing to do to impress himself.
Even his parents are devastated with the awful fact.
Everything he does, poor little kid,
Tends to fail him at any turning point.
His parents, pressured further by his son’s incompetence,
Decide to bring him to a wide green hill
Where nothing else grows on it except trees, holes, ponds
And, of course, sticks with tiny flags.
Why they do this is for the sake of his son.

Moon eventually toasts the beacon to the Sun;
The boy and his parents reach for the ‘Promised Land’,
Where Mum and Dad hope for a miracle
As the boy holds the club for the first time.
“It feels heavy,” says the boy.
Mum and Dad are willing to provide guidance and assistance
To make him a better player.

If I were his parent, I wouldn’t ask my boy to play with heavy sticks.
‘Cause swinging the club is bone cracking for the boy’s size.
However, Mum and Dad are desperate with his son’s lifetime success.
And the simplest thing they can think of
Is golf!
Just tell him to ‘strike a hole-in-one’
And he would do it.
But for now, all he needs is practice.
“Just look at the hole and you know what to do.”
His parents have always insisted on what they say to him.
It’s a long, hard road for the poor kid,
But as long as he endures, he is doing just fine.

The kid may not understand their obsession with golf
And their dream of turning him into a golf player,
He could have said ‘No’ to them
And he could have done the right thing.
But right things are wrong,
And wrong things are right.
Conundrum everywhere!
But a chance to rule the world is a possibility.

Night turns to day,
Day turns to night.
Months turn to years,
Years turn to decades.
The little boy, once feeble and vulnerable,
Now becomes the world’s finest golf player.
Their parents, now feeling ironically feeble and vulnerable,
Are proud of his son’s unprecedented achievements.

For the famed player, it’s a piece of cake
To send the ball flying into heaven
And it eventually lands into the hole.
All the time.
‘Cause he knows that the hole he sees is there.
He calculates his position properly,
Analyzing the velocity of the wind
And praying for God that he doesn’t miss.

The golf player never misses his target in his entire career.
In his favor, he now strikes his 100th hole-in-one.
According to him, it all feels like a sniper.
Why he says thus is explicitly… unexplainable.
Anyway, he often claims golf as his ‘passionate wife’.

For most competitors, they are really jealous of him, indeed.

Later in life, he has a lovely wife and his 2 beautiful children;
Her name is Lilia and his children Rendall and Mathilde respectively.
They all live at a luxurious banglo in the land of the Famed.
Does the golf player live happily ever after at the end?

I don’t really think so…

When he celebrates his 31st birthday on Friday the 13th,
News spread amongst the minor societies;
Both of his parents meet their untimely death
By the time they play with sticks.
‘Sticks?! My parents die because of playing with… sticks?!”
Absurdity doesn’t end up being absurd at all
As you keep reading it to the end.

The golf player is enraged with such nonsense,
Deciding to go to his homeland for further investigation.
It all turns out that his Mum is furious with Dad,
Realizing that Dad has an affair with his…
Guess who…

The golf player’s wife! At their house!

It is unbelievable that his father is a gigolo;
Mum has always wanted his poor boy to be successful,
Thinking of golf as her family’s proudest tradition!
While his Dad just wants his son’s fame to fulfill his sexual pleasure!
Obsessed with golf? Not much, Dad thinks.
Such outrageous, discreet scandal!
Dad breaks Mum’s heart and so,
They fight with the golfer’s most beloved clubs.
Clubbed to death as his wife witnesses their tragic battle.
The golf player asks her why she does such a sinful act;
She replies, “Do you think I’m happy with you?
No! You often spend your time golfing around!
Whatever you see is just golf! Golf, golf everywhere!
You never even care of me, your children and our efforts
To love you even more!
But you just don’t care about us!
Now, our children decide to live with my mother
And we are childless!
I am tired of your constant obsession with victories,
Money and most importantly to you, GOLF!!!
That’s why I decide to make love with your Dad,
Just to make you realize of your idiotic pleasure with your other ‘wife’.
I don't know why I allow them to fight each other,
But I know a very good reason behind this:
Perhaps they are basically tired of YOU.”

The wife leaves him for the last time.

Since then, he rarely scores a hole-in-one;
His awesome talent begins to fade away.
The chanting of his name is forever heard no more.
Now, he even makes way for the lamest player
To win his first trophy!
Soon, he thinks, this guy will face the same fate as his.

Laughing, laughing all the way,
The poor golf player walks away from the tournament,
Drinking and talking to himself with useless words.
Words that no longer make sense.
Words that kill.
Words that blind his sight.


Something hits on his head,
The hole oozes out gushes of blood.
He falls into large hole,
Filled with total darkness,
Devoid of all kinds of sounds.

Since then, he never comes back from the hole.
Ironically, I would call it a ‘Hole-In-One’, I guess!

As a lesson to all of you, including of fans of golf, beware of what you are doing, even the simplest things you do! Remember these words of the wise, “Seek The Dream. Dream That Dream And It’s A Dream Come True! Sometimes, True Dreams Hurt!”

- Glen The Poet Who Cares!

P.S.: As Glinny The Bird has mentioned in his previous monthly post, I won’t be publishing daily posts beginning this Tuesday (in his homeland, that’s tomorrow) cause I’ll be in the other side of Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year! So we’ll meet again in two weeks time! Also, keep checking out my web blog if there’s any update between the two weeks (I may be using someone else’s PC/laptop!).

- Glen!


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