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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Our Second Day In Kundasang!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another hair-raising (dubious) experiences of Glen in Kundasang! In this article, we, the Poet and The Boy In The Stick Hat will continue where we left off in our previous post. Although it seems ordinary to readers like you, it’s actually stranger than you think… only in Glen’s mind.

Day 2

It was a cold, breezing morning and everyone was awake, readying their breakfast and preparing to leave at any moment. I was still a little tired and a bit neglected to go for a swim in Ranau Hot Spring but since I hadn’t experience it for a very long time, there wasn’t a moment to lose and I couldn’t hesitate to accept my cousins’ offer. It took some time from our so-called ‘base’ to Ranau but the scenery there was breathtaking. The hometown itself was overly crowded with people, children and hawkers. Another busy day for these locals. How wrong I was to think of Ranau as an obscure area.

Once arrived in Hot Spring, my cousins and I went into some sort of a jungle with bridges, pavements and dustbins. You would see these a lot in Sabah. What intrigues and fears me most were the moments of submitting myself into the pools. Yes, it felt extremely cold but ‘cool’ is the exact term. The bizarreness of the circumstances there, in addition to visitors and swimmers who came in different sizes (e.g. long line of children including one adults took a ‘snake dive’ from a smaller pool into a bigger one, some even planned to push fat adults into the pools, children battles with bigger dudes by splashing, strange things afloat in the blue sea, etc) added a sense of fantasy into Glen’s own observation. Aside from all the joyful, wild rides and the cheery atmosphere, I now learned of the meaning of ‘social family’: each person has a characteristic and personalities of his/her own, interacting with each others to create a sense of invulnerability and best of all, togetherness. After a perfect day in Hot Spring, my cousins and I went straight to the ‘base’ and had a good night sleep. Oh, not before having our dinner and singing X’mas songs for the second time.

(What can I say: it’s soooo darn HOT! HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Everything in Ranau was too bright, overexposed and, in one odd sense, yellow! I remembered my moments in a durian stall (the smell! Oh the smell!) when I almost felt my shirt (and even my hair) burning like hell. And what of the Hot Spring you say? Well, it was pretty ok but the toilet facilities left a lot to desire. What horrified me most was the idea of sitting in a hot pool… with a bunch of people! Acck! I disliked making skin contacts with boys (doing that with my girlfriend may have a sense of intimacy although I don’t currently have one yet) because, well, it was… disgusting!!! Even the little kids loved doing these sort of stuff! And what of dead wasps, beetles and papers inside the pool! Insanity! Total hysterical! I won’t be responsible for such incident if one were to get stung by its sting. When it was all done, the same thing kept repeating itself. Singing. Ruining the purity of X’mas songs. Kids jumping like mad without a reason. ‘Nuff said.)

Next: Our third (and final) day in Kundasang! Read the conclusive episode only on The Fantastic Experiences of Glen Bosiwang!

- Glen The Poet Who Cares and Glen The Boy In The Stick Hat


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