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Monday, January 10, 2005

Our First Day In Kundasang!

Hello, my dear unknowns!

I am really pleased to tell you that I, The Poet Who Cares, will now tell you the story that you readers have been waiting for: The Great (Awful) Experiences of Glen in Kundasang! To begin our journey, Glen The Projector will now project some of the images that I have tried to recall since my first encounter with my relatives there. For optional criticism to this article (which I absolutely loathe), I have also brought another alter ego of Glen, the infamous Boy In The Stick Hat as a co-commentator (his thoughts are printed in brackets). And now for the adventure!

Day 1

The car turned and twisted as Dad drove along the rather curvy roads that usually cause carsick and headaches. But for me, it was sensational. The sky blackened gradually as time passed. Tiny lights could be seen from afar and on top of the hills. While the trees provided a ‘visual splendour’ to please the eyes of the visitors, the stars sparkled at the right time to guide the drivers to safety.

(Oh boy. The car twisted and turned and I got carsick so easily that I even begged Dad to stop driving, thinking of suggesting an idea to go back home instead. I was really in an awful mood at that time because I knew we are to visit these kind of places. In fact, I have experienced it a thousand times, mostly involve these green stuff and primitive facilities! To add the pressure to my head, the constant attempts to overtake the slow cars scared the poop out of me spines! Dad’s driving skills had always been a bit reckless and dangerous so I sometimes screamed and hid my face whenever we faced such pre-collisions!)

After an hour of driving, Dad, Mum, Sis and I had finally arrived at a villa of some sort. Our relatives reached the place first so we immediately brought our luggage to a restroom before sharing a feast with the Bosi family. It was romantically pleasant, with the coolness of the environment and the delicacy of fried chickens, veggies and bat porridge (for heaven’s sake!). Later, we all have the annual carolling when we sang many of the most beloved X’mas songs ever! We sang and sang and sang as the small kids danced happily with smiles on our faces. The time struck 11 and all I need now was a good night sleep.

(Bllauurgh! I don’t think I’ll ever go there via these twisted roads again! I could still feel the dizziness in my head so I urged my Mum to rest for a while before eating. The meal was fine but something struck me when I was to take my last dish. The porridge tasted surprisingly nice but with these weird black skins, I asked my Sis to specify it. She said it was black chicken, which I had never heard of, but I ate it anyway. Suddenly, one of my aunts notified that it was bat porridge!!! What the heck….! I thought it’s supposed to be kosher at least! Couldn’t believe my Sis lied to me about that! Ok, what next, err, yeah, the Christmas singing. Oooh, that gonna be torturous especially when they ruined the purity of The Little Drummer Boy! (Wooowooowooowooo!) That’s enough already! I wanna sleep to face another nightmare. Goodnight!!)

Next: Day Two In Kundasang! So stay tuned!

- Glen The Poet Who Cares & Glen The Boy In The Stick Hat


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