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Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Message From Glinny!

Hello Fellow Visitors Of The World!

I am a messenger from Glen himself, Glinny! I am also a creation from his incredible mind and I admit that he's one of those incredible visionaries you will ever meet! Recently, his website hits 70+ visitors and he's pleased with the result since mid Dec. However, he's a bit depressed with the lack of comments from fellow visitors like you. Sure he's crying a bit cause he's seen the other Blogsites and they keep collecting comments! C'mon, guys! Like he said in his previous post, send him comments to boost his morale! He's not gonna fry you with lazer thingie or something with sharp fangs!

Of course you have met his alter egos such as The Boy In The Stick Hat, The Merry-Go-Round Mechanic and The Poet Who Cares but Glen himself is quite... well... himself! He's a bit childish and absurd but he's quite an absurdist in the likes of David Lynch , Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton! But his sense of artistic values is also acute and he always appreciates every good movie and cartoon he has seen in his life! Perhaps you too can tell or ask him of anything he loves about movies! When it comes to filmmaking, he's the master of it!

He also loves drawing cartoons; a prime childhood skill he adopts at that time. (Most of the drawings in his blog are done by Glen himself and all done with Windows Paint! But he can also do more than that, just that the PC he's using doesn't have other fancy programs for the moment. So don't try to copy these images into your websites without Glen's permission) Soon, he would even think of drawing portraits of yourselves! Just ask him and he'll show them when he's done and it's all free! Just send your comments or suggestions only in my segment (A Message Of Glinny), a time when I come to his blog every month to oversee the progress of Glen he goes on living with his weird established characters! Also, once again, please vote for Glen after reading his stories!

In the next article, The Poet Who Cares and The Boy In The Stick Hat will tell their experiences in Kundasang! Stay tuned!

Anyway, let's pray to the victims of the tsunami waves so that they'll get all the help they ever need. Additionally, I also wish to say Happy New Year 2005! Hope you seek for a brighter future in the far horizon!

- Glinny The Birdie


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