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Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Critical Call: When The Bush Starts Losing Its Leaves...

We all know who won the election last year. President George W. Bush narrowly defeated democrat John Kenny in a US Presidential Election. Now entering his second term in the White House, Bush is now planning for an all-new resolution for the World Order, especially the future plans for Middle East. On the other hand, the world leaders are dreaded with Dubya’s victory over Kenny (whom almost everyone in the world has hoped for), deciding to endure another four years of Dubya’s reckless adventures until someone else sits on his throne. But for now, let’s see what goes wrong with the US Government since the infamous 911 (pretty sounds coincidence, doesn’t it?) incident. Yeah, the world has gone topsy-turvy after that, if you ask me. Good thing I’m not G.W.B. cause I’m G.B.W. because if I were to have similar initials as his, well, that would be pretty humiliating.

Remember the good old days of Bill Clinton, a time when Americans expected lots of fanfare, fireworks, and of course, jazz? Well, that was pretty memorable, wasn’t it? Good old Clinton has done a job well done as a president to handling major issues, maintaining economical stability and… er… other good stuff. (let’s not talk about the Lewinsky case, ok?) Anyway, the whole world loves Clinton (uhh, I miss those glorious days!) Well, almost. But the good old times were about to end and Clinton finally retired at the end of the 20th century! Oh no, what are the Americans gonna do? No worries, though, as a new president had been elected: George W. Bush, priceless son of former president Bush Sr. Everyone at first cheered at the birth of a new American order in the third millenium. But not all of them were happy of such occasion. In fact, the unseen gods (who were unimpressed with people’s obsession with power, money and crimes) had unleashed their own manifesto that would change the world forever (something that Nostradamus had predicted, I guess): the third wave. The first occurred during the black plague, the French revolution, etc in the early centuries, the second during the days of the World War. Now, we are at it.

Everything had been planned according to plan. The destruction of the World Trade Center collapsed the promise of greater peace, and Bush was enraged with such cowardly act by the Talibans. When Afghanistan was under assault from the US skies, everyone called Bush a hero with a noble intention (similar to Adolf Hitler who brought German out from depression), but nobody was aware of Bush’s other notorious plans to manipulate the system of the US Government. Like his pop for his Gulf War campaign, all he ever needed to achieve his goals was to invade Iraq. He endlessly stated Saddam’s world as an axis of ‘evil’ or something but I guess that he was obviously watching too much TV shows. Even the Americans themselves were confused whether their leader was doing it for the sake of justice or he’s ‘just plain high’. During the Iraq War, thousands of US soldiers were sent there to die like dummies (similar to the faceless stormtroopers in Star Wars. Pity them) whereas President Dubya was doing something luxurious on other parts of the world, pretending that nothing was happening. And because of these, other forms of catastrophe had been unfurled. The SARS epidemic, the tsunami tragedy, the upcoming avian incident and more. And even some minorities tended to go crazy as well: cases including a disillusioned person who thought he could convert lions to Christianity, Middle East cinemas used Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ as a propaganda film to place hatred towards the Jews, bla bla bla. Could this be happening all because of one man? Only heavens knew.

This year, Dubya has revealed more of his rather nonsensical plans: to invade Iran and prove of its threat to the world. The heck is he thinking about? Has he heeded no lessons from the obscure and the ‘ridiculous’ that bear a greater truth than his own sense of logic? Try watching Oliver Stone’s JFK. Sure the acclaimed director simply makes up those stories but at least there is connection between what it is and the world as it is today. The Americans are losing their own faith and the whole thing becomes corrupted. Paranoia roams. That’s the main point of the whole movie. Still can’t figure it out? Try reading Frank Herbert’s Dune books (as well as the current miniseries) which keep stating that being a hero is dangerous and that often leads to greater problems. In fact, Frank is just a minority and yet he’s smarter than any presidents of a lifetime are. Sometimes, as I have always wanted to advice, fiction sometimes tells the truth better than fact (which are sadly frequently distorted by ‘idiotic’ smarta***es). Or perhaps you can also watch Michael Moore’s blockbuster documentary ‘Fahrenheit 911’. I bet every American starts practicing one of Moore’s famous gestures such as ‘Shame on you, Bush!’ criticism right after watching the movie. Bravo for Moore’s courageous act against Bush after receiving his first Oscar right on national TV! Either way, these are just my opinions and those who disagree with whatever I say here can send comments as a ‘counterattack’!

- Glen The Critical Guy


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