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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Attention To All Visitors Of Glen's Realm!

To visitors of Glen's realm, this is your chance to vote for the world's greatest and most mysterious person, Glen! (No, not the photo he pastes on his website. He has changed much his appearances a few years ago) He recently fills a form to become a member of the newly established Sabah comic association! So vote for him via comments in which you can give him some support to encourage his spirit to roar like a fiery beast! You may also ask him of anything regarding his dreams of building his own empire! Or maybe just some tidbits about his recent experience with the cartoonist he met in the gallery (please see the Midget report in Glen's blog for his visit to the comic exhibition). Also, please vote for his website as that'll only make him happier than ever before so vote for Glen NNOOOWWWW!!! Posted by Hello


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