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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Santa's Trapped In A Tsunami Wave...

This is such an awful Christmas season that have already claimed many innocent people in Southern Asia and India: an unexpected encounter with massive tsunami waves. Even good ol' Santa's trapped somewhere in Asia while sending gifts to those who wish for something. That really also reminds me of another natural disaster that plagues my country, Sabah several years ago (strangely and luckily, my family and I (except my dad) celebrated X'mas with aunties, uncles and cousins on the hill without realizing the storm's anticipation). What causes such catastrophic events is still pretty much of a mystery, all except that someone as powerful as God is really jealous of Santa Claus, so it must be the unseen that creates chaos at that joyful time to disgrace the red fat man!

Anyway, let's have some minutes of silence and even a poem to give honor to those who have perished in the tsunami disaster.

As the black tidal waves cease to stir the storm,
The sins of Man are drown and washed away,
The poor doves fly above the fallen ruins,
only to pick up the shining seeds that scatter across the rivers,
broken woods and bricks.
The doves continue to journey across the horizon,
seeing a brighter future for the seeds to bloom
in another world...

- Glen The Poet Who Cares


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