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Friday, December 17, 2004

Off To The Icy World of Kundasang!

Yes, I'll be going to a bizarre and cold place where all you see here are plants and houses. Some think of it as an ideal place for appreciating its natural splendor. The only problem I face here is that, well, I have begun to get weary after endless trips to the same old place. Kundasang is not a high-tech city, instead it is a mere ordinary and sublime town filled with wide tea fields and just a numbers of houses. Dunno why my family keep insisting on going there all the time but that's life, really. Hoping to go to a place where snows fall and wildly beautiful flowers bloom, I have to keep my patience or else I would be trapped in such a mundane routine of vacations.

The Boy In The Stick Hat must escape to a world where no one has gone before!

- Glen The Boy In The Stick Hat


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