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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Nobody can deny the true spirit of Christmas, a day when Jesus Christ was born somewhere in Israel. It is also a day when good old Santa Claus (mind his tremendous weight) takes a sleigh over the skies with his reindeers, sending every present to those who make such requests. That definitely makes everyone happy when they finally get their wishes (those who have none would have sworn never to trust the fat guy anymore). But some think that the arrival of Jesus is the best gift they ever have, rejecting the rest. That may make Santa’s face go red, according to some research made by cranky old analyzers. For me, X’mas is a perfect time to see Christmas trees, lights, decorations and gifts (everyone has been seeking for money in packets these days). It is also a time when lots of great shows are being shown on TV cables.

But something else happens.

It’s nine days before X’mas when I start writing this ridiculous article. I do watch a bit of TV (since the TV broadcasters initiate their plans on showing more awful local shows, some of them are almost unwatchable, I start begging my mum to buy a TV cable) and unlike any previous years, I begin to sense that the local TV broadcasters forget to implant something on their overall programme: ‘Christmas feelings’. That’s right. No signs of X’mas elements everywhere on TV. Not even a single bit of it. All you will see is ‘December on (name of station)’ and that’s it. When other festivals come by, they start decorating all of these fancy (usually oversaturated and over the top) graphics just to please the common audience. Chinese New Year? Lots of red lanterns and buns and stuff. Deepavali (Indian festival)? Yup, they have it here, golden crisp. Hari Raya (Muslim festival)? Always there every year, never miss a thing. Grand fanfare. How about Christmas? Well, previously, they did some decorations but not much. But this year is an absolute disgrace. Someone should sue the TV stations for such mockery. Also, they don’t seem to bother promoting Christmas specials such as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

X’mas, once a major attraction amongst the rich and the poor, has been taking some backlash because of many things. And I’m not talking about people stealing presents or making foolish parties that attract the police’s attention. I’m talking about their sensitivities. Their acute sensitivities. And other parties’ reaction to it. For God’s sake, X’mas is just a celebration, something that reunites everyone from turmoil and stresses. But some of them, especially the smart ones, always do what many ‘dumb’ people won’t do: ‘incredibly stupid and naïve’ things.

Remember the ‘Scrooge’ of Australia who sets up only one X’mas tree in middle of the city just not to offend non-Christians? How about a decision to take the word ‘Jesus’ out of every X’mas song and replace it with another ‘appropriate’ words? That’s what happens when your group involves Muslims. But that doesn’t end here. Carollers start worshipping TVs and Mickey Mouse clocks while singing holy songs. A wax museum in Britain exhibits a bunch of famous modern icons as Biblical characters. Such twisted event allows believers to think that Beckham and his wife are the real ‘Mary and Joseph’.

Only one question prevails: will the ‘real’ Christmas face extinction in the near future? Only one of us knows it and that is God.

(Forgive me if you find some parts of this article offensive to your feelings!)

- Glen The Boy In The Stick Hat


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