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Monday, December 20, 2004

Introducing The Poet Who Cares!

Hello, my fellow unknowns.

You may think of me as The Boy In The Stick Hat. You guess it wrong. I am Glen's other alter ego, Glen The Poet Who Cares! Unlike the rather bleak and sarcastic Boy In The Stick Hat, I am really a patient person. I practice my own methods of meditation. And I have passion on all beautiful and artistic things. To enrich my own intro, I actually love to provide you with some of the most inspiring poems I've ever created. It goes something like this:

'The blue bird flies over the yellow meadow,
seeking for pure honey and milk.
Once the flower and the bird are jointed,
the pleasure of interaction is fulfilled.'

Later, I will tell you some of my most memorable moments in Kundasang (oh, The Boy In The Stick Hat wishes to share some with you all too albeit in a rather depressing and sarcastic critique).

So, stay tuned!

- Glen The Poet Who Cares


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