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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Glen's Most Remarkable Achievement : His Newest Website Is Visited Once!

Thank to this lucky guy who suggests me to join BlogExplosion, Christophe gets a special prize: a sort of a 'thank-you' drawing exclusively from me, Glen Who Is That Darn Artist! After reading a beautiful poem by The Poet Who Cares, he knows Glen's website needs a bunch of readers out there so listening to him is a pretty (almost) wise choice! After days of waiting, nobody still comes to read to his rather overlooked experiences! What an outrage!

C'mon, people! Are you afraid of Glen's super-lazer-eye-thingie or what? Be supportive, heh? Glen deserves more than any Blogsites you visit. He'll be responsive, capable of (mind)-reading your reactions and even draws based on your situation! Just say anything you have in mind and I'll do anything as amusing as you can grasp! Good luck!

- Glen Who Is That Darn Artist


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