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Friday, December 31, 2004

"For All The Pain And See Forgot..." Posted by Hello

Celebrating My Worst New Year Ever...

Yep, half an hour more and it's bye bye, 2004! Welcome 2005, a completely new year with special features like Bush's newest resolutions for Iraq's future, more diabolical plans for crazy men and more! But right here in the small town of 'T', it's nothing more than a small popping firecraker which I have only in mind and a sleeping dad to celebrate such an ill-conceived New Year concept: doing nothing but that. It's been always the lousiest of all the festivals and I hate it very much. Bllaarrgh!

For those who wish for a better resolution, just keep praying! Anyway, Happy New Year 2005!

- Glen

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Oh Yeah, Even To Poor Santa Who Is Trapped Somewhere In Asia...
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In Memories Of Those Whose Lives Were Lost In The Tsunami Waves On 26th Dec 2004...
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Santa's Trapped In A Tsunami Wave...

This is such an awful Christmas season that have already claimed many innocent people in Southern Asia and India: an unexpected encounter with massive tsunami waves. Even good ol' Santa's trapped somewhere in Asia while sending gifts to those who wish for something. That really also reminds me of another natural disaster that plagues my country, Sabah several years ago (strangely and luckily, my family and I (except my dad) celebrated X'mas with aunties, uncles and cousins on the hill without realizing the storm's anticipation). What causes such catastrophic events is still pretty much of a mystery, all except that someone as powerful as God is really jealous of Santa Claus, so it must be the unseen that creates chaos at that joyful time to disgrace the red fat man!

Anyway, let's have some minutes of silence and even a poem to give honor to those who have perished in the tsunami disaster.

As the black tidal waves cease to stir the storm,
The sins of Man are drown and washed away,
The poor doves fly above the fallen ruins,
only to pick up the shining seeds that scatter across the rivers,
broken woods and bricks.
The doves continue to journey across the horizon,
seeing a brighter future for the seeds to bloom
in another world...

- Glen The Poet Who Cares

A Thank-You Token To Christophe! Hurrah!
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Glen's Most Remarkable Achievement : His Newest Website Is Visited Once!

Thank to this lucky guy who suggests me to join BlogExplosion, Christophe gets a special prize: a sort of a 'thank-you' drawing exclusively from me, Glen Who Is That Darn Artist! After reading a beautiful poem by The Poet Who Cares, he knows Glen's website needs a bunch of readers out there so listening to him is a pretty (almost) wise choice! After days of waiting, nobody still comes to read to his rather overlooked experiences! What an outrage!

C'mon, people! Are you afraid of Glen's super-lazer-eye-thingie or what? Be supportive, heh? Glen deserves more than any Blogsites you visit. He'll be responsive, capable of (mind)-reading your reactions and even draws based on your situation! Just say anything you have in mind and I'll do anything as amusing as you can grasp! Good luck!

- Glen Who Is That Darn Artist

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Oh, My Poet Who Cares...
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Monday, December 20, 2004


Hello, folks!

I'm Glen The Merry-Go-Round Mechanic! Due to some unforeseeable circumstances while uploading some dang pictures, The Fantastic Experiences of Glen Bosiwang may only be able to post messages for a while. Whoever knows this matter please let us know, ok? Anyway, I hope Glen himself will be able to post some pics when that dang Hello thing manages to make contact with the server soon, so stay tuned!

- Glen The Merry-Go-Round Mechanic

Introducing The Poet Who Cares!

Hello, my fellow unknowns.

You may think of me as The Boy In The Stick Hat. You guess it wrong. I am Glen's other alter ego, Glen The Poet Who Cares! Unlike the rather bleak and sarcastic Boy In The Stick Hat, I am really a patient person. I practice my own methods of meditation. And I have passion on all beautiful and artistic things. To enrich my own intro, I actually love to provide you with some of the most inspiring poems I've ever created. It goes something like this:

'The blue bird flies over the yellow meadow,
seeking for pure honey and milk.
Once the flower and the bird are jointed,
the pleasure of interaction is fulfilled.'

Later, I will tell you some of my most memorable moments in Kundasang (oh, The Boy In The Stick Hat wishes to share some with you all too albeit in a rather depressing and sarcastic critique).

So, stay tuned!

- Glen The Poet Who Cares

Friday, December 17, 2004

Off To The Icy World of Kundasang!

Yes, I'll be going to a bizarre and cold place where all you see here are plants and houses. Some think of it as an ideal place for appreciating its natural splendor. The only problem I face here is that, well, I have begun to get weary after endless trips to the same old place. Kundasang is not a high-tech city, instead it is a mere ordinary and sublime town filled with wide tea fields and just a numbers of houses. Dunno why my family keep insisting on going there all the time but that's life, really. Hoping to go to a place where snows fall and wildly beautiful flowers bloom, I have to keep my patience or else I would be trapped in such a mundane routine of vacations.

The Boy In The Stick Hat must escape to a world where no one has gone before!

- Glen The Boy In The Stick Hat

Definitely not an ideal place for non-naturalist like me. All you see there is just greenery and nothing more. Unless you enjoy being freezed over by its incredibly low temperature as well as staring at an exotic yet ordinary plant for endless hours, it is highly recommended that you go somewhere more civilized and surreal rather than facing such boredom. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Every festival receives a bombastic fanfare by local TV stations. Posted by Hello

When it comes to Christmas, they just pretend it is just another unnecessary occasion... Posted by Hello


Nobody can deny the true spirit of Christmas, a day when Jesus Christ was born somewhere in Israel. It is also a day when good old Santa Claus (mind his tremendous weight) takes a sleigh over the skies with his reindeers, sending every present to those who make such requests. That definitely makes everyone happy when they finally get their wishes (those who have none would have sworn never to trust the fat guy anymore). But some think that the arrival of Jesus is the best gift they ever have, rejecting the rest. That may make Santa’s face go red, according to some research made by cranky old analyzers. For me, X’mas is a perfect time to see Christmas trees, lights, decorations and gifts (everyone has been seeking for money in packets these days). It is also a time when lots of great shows are being shown on TV cables.

But something else happens.

It’s nine days before X’mas when I start writing this ridiculous article. I do watch a bit of TV (since the TV broadcasters initiate their plans on showing more awful local shows, some of them are almost unwatchable, I start begging my mum to buy a TV cable) and unlike any previous years, I begin to sense that the local TV broadcasters forget to implant something on their overall programme: ‘Christmas feelings’. That’s right. No signs of X’mas elements everywhere on TV. Not even a single bit of it. All you will see is ‘December on (name of station)’ and that’s it. When other festivals come by, they start decorating all of these fancy (usually oversaturated and over the top) graphics just to please the common audience. Chinese New Year? Lots of red lanterns and buns and stuff. Deepavali (Indian festival)? Yup, they have it here, golden crisp. Hari Raya (Muslim festival)? Always there every year, never miss a thing. Grand fanfare. How about Christmas? Well, previously, they did some decorations but not much. But this year is an absolute disgrace. Someone should sue the TV stations for such mockery. Also, they don’t seem to bother promoting Christmas specials such as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

X’mas, once a major attraction amongst the rich and the poor, has been taking some backlash because of many things. And I’m not talking about people stealing presents or making foolish parties that attract the police’s attention. I’m talking about their sensitivities. Their acute sensitivities. And other parties’ reaction to it. For God’s sake, X’mas is just a celebration, something that reunites everyone from turmoil and stresses. But some of them, especially the smart ones, always do what many ‘dumb’ people won’t do: ‘incredibly stupid and naïve’ things.

Remember the ‘Scrooge’ of Australia who sets up only one X’mas tree in middle of the city just not to offend non-Christians? How about a decision to take the word ‘Jesus’ out of every X’mas song and replace it with another ‘appropriate’ words? That’s what happens when your group involves Muslims. But that doesn’t end here. Carollers start worshipping TVs and Mickey Mouse clocks while singing holy songs. A wax museum in Britain exhibits a bunch of famous modern icons as Biblical characters. Such twisted event allows believers to think that Beckham and his wife are the real ‘Mary and Joseph’.

Only one question prevails: will the ‘real’ Christmas face extinction in the near future? Only one of us knows it and that is God.

(Forgive me if you find some parts of this article offensive to your feelings!)

- Glen The Boy In The Stick Hat

Creepy Beginnings... Posted by Hello

The Boy In The Stick Hat Cometh!

Hello Fellow Readers!

Or rather a bunch of nobodies who never bother to read anything at all.

I, your about-to-be Master of all Earth, Glen Bosiwang, the boy who is also known as The Boy In The Stick Hat (don't believe me? You better watch or else...), will tell you all of my experiences, both absurd and surreal but at the same time, pleasant. The only problem I face here is this: how do I start this thing? Now, some bugs around me begin to stare at my charming big eyes. Well, since X'mas is coming, I'll take a break (in the neck!) to think of something. For those who loves (and hates) this upcoming joyful season, I would like to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (*puff* Shouting is REALLY bad for your health, you geddit?)